about the science essayist

Hello. The Science Essayist is Meera Lee Sethi, an inquisitive nonfiction writer and part-time skinner of birds.

Hi again.

You can read some of my more journalistic work here, but in this personal space, I speak with my own voice and range more freely. Sometimes I write explicitly about scientific facts or theories and sometimes I leap from them to other topics entirely and then back again.

This site is named in the spirit of Montaigne’s essay, because I like the notion that I am testing myself, and because what I do here is wholly experimental (like all experiments, it embraces the possibility of failure).

You’re welcome to follow me on Twitter, read something I wrote a few years ago about why I bare my heart online, or email. I used to keep a mostly non-scientific blog here.

In 2012, I’m also creating 366 Days of Words in Science.

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