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Talking About the Weather

May 2nd, 2011 | Meera

There is a little weather station on the University of Chicago campus, but it’s been out of service for the past couple of weeks as a result of the interminable construction they’ve been doing up on the roof of Ryerson. (Ryerson is the building whose roof also houses the telescope I told you about here.)

We in Hyde Park who rely on the neighborhood-specific temperature and wind-chill readings the weather station usually provides were quite bereft. But as of tonight, University of Chicago Weather is back up and running—and because I happened to attend the work night the astronomical society had scheduled for today, I got to help return it to action.

Specifically, I put a new battery in the weather station and held it for some minutes in my arms—like a tall and unattractive dancing partner, all bones and wiry hair and no conversation skills—before handing it to two others (more intrepid than I) who carried it up an incredibly long ladder to the top of a turret and reinstalled it.

I feel like I have touched greatness. Oh; and it’s currently 42 degrees out in Hyde Park. In case you were wondering.